4 Sep 2017

Rhino Tank Size Comparison - Modern and Mk 1b

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. On the back of last week's post, I thought I'd share what struck me when painting the old Mk 1b Rhino, the size is sooo tiny compared to the modern Rhino, and that isn't actually large enough to fit in 10 Mk7 Marines!
View from the top down
Strikingly different side profiles
Front view

I love the design cues the modern Rhino took from the old Mk 1b, the modern one is definitely a Rhino, and a great one which has stood the test of time up to now. Great fun, thanks for dropping in, Cheers Siph.


  1. You've echoed the markings to! Brilliant!

  2. And yet there is a character to that original model that still just hooks me. I got a lot of them and I don't think I will ever retire them.

  3. @ Chris, yes mate, it has a modern paintjob which helps it blend seamlessly into the rest of the Army.

    @ Neverness, yeah I feel it mate. Hence why I wanted it to get a new lease of life on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium once again.

  4. Brilliant. I love them things. Ooops looks I've used up all my eloquence for the day.

  5. I have several of the Mk1b's, mostly for my CSM. I love them, but I do sometimes feel like I have to avoid taking undue advantage of the fact that they're a bit easier to hide.

    I like the look of the FW Mk1c's, but they're pretty expensive, and I don't like working with resin if I can get something in plastic.

  6. Looking well.
    I do like my orginal ones, only just did them up with the old predators and all.

  7. @ Zzzzzz, thanks man.
    @ WestRider, I don't think being a Longbeard with old school cool rhinos puts you at an unfair advantage, you can always replace the Rhino during the opponents shooting phase with a MKIIc modern Rhino so they can 'see' it better. I think 8th Edn simplification of cover also helps.
    @ Rory, yeah they are cool, and your TS vehicles look great! Just advertising yourself as a Longbeard that's all ;)

  8. I’ve never seen a proper side by side before. Quite the difference! With a nice paint job like yours the classic kit still stands the test of time. Well, until you put it next to a new one that is.


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