18 Nov 2011

The first weemen 3way- Battle Report

A world will die....

A tyranid invasion on the world Colcha has created a chain reaction- the once industrious planet is now a waste land- of death and destruction. Space Marines of the Relicitor chapter were deployed to stop the invasion- however the Relictors also had a secondary objective. To rescue a newly discovered Chaos Relic, found at the site of a chaos temple.. little did they know that another force was on the hunt for the relic...


3 objectives were deployed in each 'zone'. The Relictors objective was deployed

Relictors- The Relictors deployed within the fortress, the Tryanids positioned themselves as forward as possible. The daemons were split into 2 waves- the luck of chaos was on my side as I rolled for wave 1 to appear first.

Tyranids had first turn, followed by the Relictors- then the Daemons...

Turn 1

  • Tyrannofex stunned the Relictors Vindicator
  • Terrigon 'pooped' out 11 Termagaunts- however it 'pooped' itself out!
  • Land Raider takes 2 wounds from the Tyrannofex via Lascannon
  • Tyrannofex wounded by autocannon fire from the Rifleman dreadnough- saving 3 shots though!
  • Marneus Calgar unleashes an Orbital Bombardment-scoring a 'hit' and killing the 2 venothropes and a Prime!
  • Missile Launched at the Warriors- taking a wound
  • Deep striking across the battle field
  • Pink Horrors killed 10 Termagaunts with Warpfire
  • Both Soul Grinders fail to cause damage with shooting
  • Blood Slaughter hits contemptor, immobilising the dreadnought, and dragging the noble dread towards him- short by 2 inches!
  • Flamers take a single wound off Marneus via Breath of Chaos
Turn 2

  • Doom of Manati arrives via deep strike by Pink Horrors, Carnifex behind a Soul Grinder, and Trygon by the Nid Objective. 2 squads of Genestealers are flank marched, and enter behind the Whirlwinds within the Fortress
  • Carnifex scores 1 Penetrating, and 2 Glancing hits against the Soul Grinder- resulting in destroying all weapons!
  • Trygon fails to wound the Daemon Prince.
  • Doom of Manati uses the 'aura' spirit leach on the Pink Horrors- reflected back at the Mystic Pod due to the changeling- DoM increases strength to 10!
  • Termagaunts charge the Pink Horrors, wiping them out!
  • Genestealers assault the 2 Whirlwinds, scoring several rending hits- destroying both!
  • Vindicator fails to Penetrate the Blood slaughter
  • Land Raider wounds another Warrior
  • Raifleman dreadnoughts open fire, killing gaunts, and Flamers
  • Marines on the fortress kill more flamers- leaving 3 remaining
  • Screamers killed by the combined efforts of Land Raider Redeemer and Rhino
  • Combined fire from the Scouts, Assault Squad, Land Speeders (Speeder killing 9 with Heavy Flamer!) reducing the number of Genestealers to 2- which are killed in Combat
  • Assault Terminators assault the Blood Slaughter- Wrecking the Daemonic engine.
  • Marneus kills 2 Flamers in CC
  • Army is reinforced, with further units deep striking.
  • Fateweaver, and Skulltaker along with 6 bloodcrushers deploy deep within the nid deployment area
  • Only the Blight Drone scatters into the Relictors- Siph places unit within the Tyranid lines..
  • Blight Drone kills 2 warriors with autocannon, and phlegm fire
  • Daemon prince charges the Carnifex, causing a wound- but losing 3 wounds in the process!
  • Seekers kill the Tervigon with rending claws in CC.
  • Marneus kills the remaining flamer
Turn 3

  • Doom of Manati attacks the Terminator Assault squad- killing 3! (Siph rolled 3 1's for invulnerable saves)
  • Hive Guard inflict a wound on Fateweaver- he passes LTD test
  • Trygon and Gu'Kath in CC, taking one wound from the Nurgle Greater Daemon
  • Carnifex is reduced to 1 wound by Daemon Prince in CC- both now on 1 wound each
  • Land Speeder kills 5 Plague Bearers with Heavy Flamer fire
  • a further Plague Bearer is killed via a Rhino
  • Rifle Dreadnought shoots at the Hive Guard, saves made from cover
  • Land Raider fires God Hammers at the Doom of Manati- instant kill!
  • 3 Termagaunts killed by fire from the immobile Contemptor and Land Raider

  • 2nd Blood Slaughter arrives via deep strike
  • Soul Ginder kills 4 Termagaunts
  • Ku'gath takes another 2 wounds from Trygon in CC
  • No wounds in the CC between Daemon Prince and Carnifex
  • Bloodthirster kills 2 Termagaunts in CC, in responses the Bloodthirster loses a wound!
  • Seekers charge into Hive Guard and Swarmlord- all are killed
  • Daemonettes assault Assault Terminators- losing several of their number
Turn 4

  • Tyrannofex takes further wounds from Fateweaver- who is now on 1 wound
  • Swarmlord suffers 1 wound from perils of the warp
  • Carnifex fires 20 shots at Skulltaker- no wounds though!
  • Hive guard Immobilises the Rifleman Dreadnought
  • Ku'gath takes the remaining wounds from the Trygon, after 3 rounds of combat
  • Carnifex kills the Daemon Prince, again after 3 rounds of fighting!
  • Bloodthirster kills another 2 gaunts
  • Redeemer immobilises the 2nd Blood Sluaghter
  • Land Raider fires God Hammers at Tyranofex, taking a wound, Heavy Bolter fire also takes out 2 Hormagaunts
  • Terminators wipe out the daemonettes
  • 2 Land Speeders, and 2 Rhinos fire at the Plague Bearers- reducing them to 2
  • Bloodletters arrive via deep strike on the Tyranid Objective
  • Fateweaver takes a wound from the Hive Guard and Swarmlord via Breath of Chaos
  • Soul Grinder kills gaunts with its harvester gun
  • Ku'gath kills the 'dakka'carnifex in close combat
  • Bloodcrushers charge into the 2nd carnifex and mystic spore- taking all the wounds, and killing both.
  • Bloodthirster and Skulltaker killed the remaining 7 gaunts- and moved closer towards the Swarmlord
  • Plague Bearers stun the Rhino
  • Fateweaver manages to make 9 saves against the swarmlord- including re-rolls and re-rolls..
Turn 5

  • Warriors shoot everything at Skulltaker, killing him by taking 3 wounds
  • Vindicator destroyed by Hive Guard
  • Hormagaunts charge the Bloodthirster-and destroyed the beast of Khorne in combat
  • Fateweaver and Swarmlord continue CC
  • Landspeeder's Multi Melta takes care of the Blood Slaughter
  • Second Land Speeder takes account for the plaguebearers
  • Land Raider and Master of Forge fail to destroy the immobilised Soul Grinder
  • Marneus and Redeemer move into position to assault the Gaunts on the center objective- if there is a next turn...

  • Mamon finally appears- deep striking in the heart of the Relictors lines- however he suffers from a Deep Strike mishap having landed on the Scouts. Siph moves Mamon as far as possible from anything!
  • Gu'Kath kills the mystic spore
  • Fateweavr is finally bested by the Swarmlord
Siph rolls to see if we go into Turn 6- a '1' game over


Obj 1- Relictors
Obj 2- Contested Relictors & Tyranids
Obj 3- Daemons


Tyranids- 10
Relictors- 15

A win to Siph, and the Relictors!

~~~Marneus Relicgar marched from his Thunderhawk directly towards the Inquistor-
"do you have the Relic for Me Space Marine?" asked Inquisitor Tiberius,
"I do Lord Inquisitor- we were successful against the Tyranids- and Daemons.."
"Indeed- a daemon invasion host"
"Why Inquisitor? and why did you not discuss the potential for a daemon invasion!"
"let me see the Relic..."
Marneus handed the blade over to the Inquistor....
"you are a fool Marneus..."
the Inquistors eyes turned a bright yellow colour- as he swung the blade at Marneus- who saw the swing at the last minute ducked, suffering a glancing blow- his honour guards weren't as lucky, as Tiberius beheaded two!
"the powers of Chaos will always win Relicgar" - the Inquisitor imploded, leaving a giant Daemon Prince in his place...

Seeing more Relictors charging towards them, the Chaos Prince took flight, and smashed his way out of the Imperial Fortress... I will have your head Relicgar!!!


  1. Nice write-up man....can see why it took a while to decipher all the scribbled notes.

    Next time we should film it.

  2. we should! it'll be easier than hiring a small child to help in the translating of the notes!


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