14 Nov 2011

WeeMen hits 200 folks... Thank-you

Dear Bloggers,

Thank-you for your continued interest in our humble goings on. We've just hit the 200 mark with you folks following what we've been up to - not bad for a blog set up so me and Pornstarjedi could keep tabs on eachothers doings.

Thank-you for your support and comments over the few years we've been blogging. Here's to more.

Siph is back on Relictor's and has several drop pods to plough through whilst away at sea... although the Chapterhouse Studio's kit for a TRUscale Stormraven has turned up.
Pornstarjedi is finishing basing and painting the Daemon army... before attempting a Reaver or Caestus Assault Ram.
6th Degree is edging closer to completing the Swarmlord... and other gribblies.

We thank you.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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