6 Dec 2011

Blog Wars 2 Round-Up

Hi all – back from Blog Wars and I thought I would briefly let you know how it went for the’Nids:

I had a great day and ended up coming 12th out of 22 – which I am really happy with; it’s better than last years ranking especially seeing as I only won a single game.

Fellow northerners Grey Lamb (from Sheep of War) came in at 16th and Dave *not that one* Cameron (friend of Weemen & Sheep of War) came in at 19th, so we were all pretty close.

Game 1 was against Dave *not that one* Cameron and his Blood Angels; it was good to play Dave because I’ve only ever played him in doubles. He won….the sneaky….person.

Game 2 was against Matt Greenwood (friend of From the Fang) and another Blood Angels army. This was by far my hardest game of the tournament (and possibly of all time) and I got pretty mullered.

Game 3 was against Jon Morrison (from Faulty Dice) and his Imperial Guard list. A very fun game which went in my favour from the very start. ‘Nids scooped a win on that one.

I’ll be posting mini bat-reps over the coming week for each game and as many pics as I can.

The surprise of the weekend? Taking home the bacon for the Best Painted Army!!! I really wasn’t expecting that – especially with so many other amazingly painted armies…so a massive thanks to all who voted for me!

I’d just like to thank the tournament organiser Alex (from From the Fang) for doing another great job and he can count me in for Blog Wars.


  1. Hi guys, I wanted to get in touch about a blogroll link swap.

    I've already added you to Warhammer Tau. If you think my blog is up to scratch, could you add me back.


  2. Congrats on the win!

    (And rightly deserved, of course!)

    PS: I can vouch for Warhammer Tau - it's a cracking site.


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