28 Dec 2011

Relictors Command Squad Apothecary

So I have been slowly plodding along with the previous post project Drop Pods but get easily distracted... This is a product of that distraction. Here is the latest addition to the ever growing Relictor Battle Company, an Apothecary for the Command Squad.

I have had the parts for his backpack for a while now, ever since I got the bits packs for the Fallen Backpacks on my Sternguard, found here, each bits pack came with 4 of these and one Fabius Bile Backpack. So my plan hatched and since these guys dabble a little with Chaos, a perfect blend for my Apothecary with a few plastic enhancements - the helix and the Spotlight.

Hope you like? Comments welcome, thanks for looking.


  1. He looks brilliant! Totally bad-ass. I like the spotlight on his narthecium too, great choice.

  2. Looks fantastic Siph, always felt that an Apothecary should be a bit bulkier. After all he's everything from a surgeon right up to a walking donor collection agency thrown into a single mini!

  3. He looks proper tooled up. I bet none of his battle brothers complain of feeling unwell.


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