18 Dec 2011

Christmas Holiday Project - Relictor Space Marine Drop Pods

This year I am home for Christmas, so I thought I'd crack on with this long overdue project, to do some more Drop Pods - so I too can mess up the best laid plans of Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines... he does it every time to me with his 4 Pods!

I think I'll get bored of doing the monotony of 20 this and 20 that, so expect some minor diversions and maybe some building my new FW goodies, Armoured Proteus and a Proteus Landraider, plus getting on with any other unfinished Relictors... but any progress is good progress right?

The vanes have been basecoated so far, and there is a shovel load of drybrushing Boltgun Metal to do!

1 comment:

  1. lucky you, i think...

    sadly I'm away this christmas so no modelling for me.


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