13 Nov 2022

Adeptus Custodes - Galatus Dreadnought

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. I have a new offering to the paint gods, a freshly painted Custodes Galatus Dreadnought. Introducing Brother Dreadnought Poxus. Hot on the heels of my rather larger Dreadtober pledge, I would have done this dreadnought however I had already built and sprayed him by the start so I thought that was 'cheating' a bit - and I'm pleased I didn't as now I have another huge Imperial Knight finished instead!
I opted for a dynamic pose, rather than hiding behind his Shield, I envisage he has just backhanded an enemy with the Custodes Praesidium shield and is stepping forward to the next enemy to dispatch.
I have chosen the same decal design as the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought (HERE) and painted the Galatus Warblade the same as the Custodian Spears.
The gold is Retributor Gold spray, brushed Retributor (for better wash adhesion), washed Reikland Fleshshade Wash 50:50 Gloss and Matt, drybrushed Reikland, drybrushed Auric Armour and finally highlighted Liberator Gold and on the ornate bits a quick light drybrush of Stormhost Silver, so quite a lot to avoid flat gold look - I quite like the finish.
The Galatus Warblade with inbuilt twin-linked Infernus Incinerator was finished with some soot staining and darkening of the gold section which I think works well.
I can't wait to get up close and in the face with this hopefully resilient Dreadnought. Getting close to a playable Custodes force already, (using the Exo Armoured Squat 'Custodians'...)

Cheers, Siph (5pts)


  1. Wow, that looks fantastic. Love the gold and the red. Really stands out. Bravo!

  2. Great result on the gold - really has a great shine to it!

  3. The Dreadnaught looks great.
    The gold is a lot of work but it really works and isn't just flat. The red is a great contrast colour against it as well.


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