27 Nov 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Terrain and Scenery - Imperialis Spires

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, away with work so this is scheduled. I previously finished these AT terrain pieces, and rather than the first drab Civitas Blocks, I thought I'd brighten up the scenery with some regal looking spires, the Imperialis Spires set.
The set gives you enough pieces to do two larger base buildings and two smaller ones with a mixture of spire or tower pieces and a set of flying buttresses on each of the two frames. This is the small building with flying buttresses.
This is the large building without buttresses and a shuttered tower piece.
The kit was built then sprayed Wraithbone and then the 1:1 mix of Lahmian Fluid (or Contrast Medium) and Skeleton Horde was applied, next the roof was painted Terradon Turquoise and then the base edges washed Agrax. A few details done and finished - all four in one sitting.
This is the small base building with the thinner tower piece and a dome instead of a steeple/spire.
This is the larger building with flying buttresses and two tower pieces, the grandest Spire so I added some Aquila decals and that was done. Nice easy and quick - good job too as I want to make some taller and wider pieces to obscure a Warmaster Titan, so I have a Civitas Imperialis Administratum Sector to build.
Here is what you get in one set of the Imperialis Spires set (plus a few more small spires and dome pieces which can adorn some of the flat roof Civitas buildings.)

Cheers, Siph (5pts Terrain Set)


  1. They came out great, straight forward approach with fantastic results!!

  2. Those buildings looks great. It's amazing what you can do with contrast paints overall and makes the jobs quicker too.


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