19 Aug 2019

AdMech HQ - Techpriest Manipulus

Hello All, thanks for dropping in. My latest addition to my AdMech forces is another HQ choice, a Techpriest Manipulus. I got him in the Kill Team box set along with the Ryza Ruins (posted a fortnight ago post HERE) and a squad of Sicaran Ruststalkers/Infiltrators, a good value box set.
I loved painting this miniature, so many bits and pieces I left off to paint first before assembly, the aerials, Omnissah Staff, Magnarail Lance arm etc. In essence its a fat bloke floating, reminds me of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from Dune. I gave his flesh a purple unwell wash and added a wart to the foot like Baron Harkonnen. He who controls the spice...
I kept the power cables bright blue to match my army, red cloak for Mars and used Gemstone Paints for the blue power valves on the Staff and reactor. On the battlefield like the Techpriest Dominus, he is a Master of Machines healing D3 wounds to vehicles, has Invul save for Blessed Bionics but has a Galvanic Field where he can improve troops movement or weapons nearby.
The kit comes with two weapon options, a short range Transonic Cannon (8in Assault D6 auto hits like a Flamer) suitable if you are using him to 'Bolster Warriors' and he is mobile with your enhanced movement troops nearby, or the longer range Magnarail Lance (18in increased to 21in) if you are hanging back with 'Bolster Weapons' ability to get more range out of nearby squads (like I discussed last week with the Ranger Skitarii), he boosts weapons like the Galvanic Rifles which are over 24in gain 6in becoming 36in, Vanguard Skitarii Radium Carbines under 24in get bolstered 3in to become 21in).
I rather enjoyed the liquid vial on top, boiling to produce incense for the censer next to it no doubt. On his belt is an archeotech relic, a long lost STC pattern 1.4mB floppy disc! Ha Ha, well played GW!
On the screen he is studying calculations to bolster the Warriors or Weapons, calculating the odds for a successful engagement...
And a comparison shot next to the Techpriest Dominus, the Techpriest Manipulus is quite a presence, a larger base than the Dominus and wider stature too.

Cheers for looking, hope you have enjoyed the detailed photos from different angles, I look forward to using him on the battlefield.

Cheers, Siph. (10 points - Character)

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  1. I'm not big fan of this fella (model wise), but I may just be salty because I don't own one. The Harkonnen reference makes me like him better tho.


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