2 Aug 2021

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Lieutenant #3 - w/ Power Sword

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, continuing my Primaris Lieutentants, the second one from Dark Imperium is completed, armed with Power Sword and Heavy Bolt Pistol, he sensibly wears his helmet! This makes 3 Lieutentants so far... I have some way to go haha
I again added a icon to the Power Pack to mark him out as a Character on the battlefield, this one was from the old Terminators kit.
The Power Sword was done using Kantor Blue, Sotek Green and Temple Guard Blue, whilst the skull icon above I used a blue wash which worked out really well. The leather was Mournfang / Nuln / Balor Brown and looks great.
Grass tufts was 'burnt grass' from Gamers Grass.
He he is with his Brother Lieutenant from Dark Imperium
And all the Primaris Lieutentants so far... Lt Amulius on the right, a limited edition release.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)


  1. Those are looking really good Siph!

  2. Yes, great looking lieutenants. The markings on this latest helmet are so clean and bright! Love it.

  3. More meat for the grinder.


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