26 Jul 2021

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Lieutenant #2 - w/ Auto Bolt Rifle

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, yes, yes, another Primaris Lieutenant... this one is from the Dark Imperium original release, and probably my favourite. He looks grizzled and oozes character. The Auto-Bolt Rifle means he can also be useful whilst sitting at the back encouraging the troops.
I added a gold icon to the power pack to match Lt Amulius from earlier, its a nice way to mark them out as Characters in a sea of grey power armour, okay not so great if you worry about snipers, but hey, this is 40K, its nice to give the quite vanilla Primaris some grim-dark character. I used the official Lieutenant shoulder markings, to keep with my conformist theme for the Relictors recent Primaris reinforcements - got to keep Roboute Guilliman on side...
The leather is Mournfang Brown, washed Nuln and highlighted Balor Brown. The rock was some left over green stuff from elsewhere, nothing is wasted :)
And of course, a special mention to the Commission Artist Kooperkape I got chatting to over on Reddit who kindly agreed to use my heads as practice, and a great job he did too! Far better than I could have achieved and really makes this character characterful! The rest of the paintjob is neat and tidy, but what draws you in is the face and shaved hair - brilliant job.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)


  1. Yeah, that's amazing work on the head of that marine. I find it hard to believe that is still at 28mm scale.

    Also a great all around job on another marine for the force, there. One can't have too many Lieutenants in the collection these days! The simple details, like the work on the left arm vambrace computer, really stand out.

  2. Awesome job! The face looks fantastic!


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