16 Jul 2021

Warbringer Update.. WIP #3

 Hello one and all,

The Warbringer project is slowly coming together, however I am now waiting for FW customer services to send over a couple of pieces that are missing- they have been great as ever, I've seen a few negative comments online, my experiences are that they are great! 

I've painted the armour plates to much up with my other Crucius titans, with a metallic black/white scheme, a couple of the paints have been painted in checker board appearance, the others either a plain colour or stripes. I am now on the long road of the gold trim. 

Below you can see how the Warbringer looks standing tall, with the converted Belicosa on the carapace - the model is slightly tilted forward with menace! as if she is firing all weapons at a distant titan target.

Thanks for stopping by! LH


  1. Standing tall, there! Love how share the paintwork is thus far.

  2. I love the warbringer (mine are only titanicus scale ones may have to get a full scale one day.

    I've only ever had good experience with FW's customer service. Speaking of which I am missing a knee from my current project (an eldar phantom titan) and FW's customer service were quick to help. I am now sitting here with a box of cleaned and washed resin components waiting for the part. (and trying to avoid dated skyrim jokes from my gaming group)

  3. Loving the usual Halfpenny super quick speed building putting me and my rather pedestrian pace to shame lol. Looking nice braced pose, (do giant lasers have recoil?) for a steady aim and volcano hilarity


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