14 Mar 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Sydonian Dragoons

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest additions to my humble Mechanicus forces, and the last of my Blogger Buddy Mordian7th's painted units I got from him awhile ago. I now have a significant force I can add to, perhaps a few new units to bring them up to a full 1850pts force.
I love the Sydonian Dragoon lancers,but I think to be effective on the battlefield I will need at least one more. And a Onager Dunecrawler is a must to benefit from their cumulative Invul save bonuses. And defo more Kastellen Robots... 'cos they are huge Robots!!
All I did to these was alter these bases to match my own armies, so all credit due to Mordian7th. Thanks for dropping in and having a read. The rest of my Mechanicus Forces can be found HERE.


  1. Nice - the Dragoons were definitely the most polarizing models for me in the new ad-mech. Was totally cold when I first saw 'em, but once I had them in-hand I found I quite liked the look. I suppose the ballisterai variant are probably more useful but there's just something about a lancer that stirs the imagination...

  2. Damn you're making me want Ad Mech. Any chance we'll see these at Double Trouble?

  3. Cheers Mordian, kudos to you, I now need to add to the force and somewhat colour match bits.

    Alex, you know you want some in Orange! You'll not see them for first Double Trouble I am afraid, but another one Defo.

  4. I love these models, you have done them proud!


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