31 Mar 2016

GW 30th Anniversary Space Marine and LE2 Rogue Trader Original

Hello Readers, so I saw the above from BoLs (originally peeked Barnstable Slayers FB page) and want to share what it is based on. Soon it will be the 30th Anniversary of the humble Space Marine. I have an Original LE2 Imperial Marine, note not a Space Marine, that prefix change came later! 
Here is the ORIGINAL (Space) Marine from all those years ago, I have the original Hexagon Base too, plus an LE1 which was a Space Ork with double barreled Shoota. He was also later released in 1991 as Space Marine with Bolter 5, seen here on Stuff of Legends website.
As you can see, GW has stayed true to the Original but updated and up-scaled it to the 32mm base and modern Marine sizes. Good stuff, I will definitely be getting one!

Hope you liked this trip down memory lane.


  1. He look ok, but I think I prefer the more modern mkII, III, and iv if I'm honest.

    Did any of you enter the FW Titan comp?

  2. I still like that haters gonna hate pose :P

  3. @ Col H, yes I entered! But I think this is a worthy 30yr old nod to THE original. A modern RTB01 sprue would have been nice too.

    @ Zab, I know. I like it because it's true to the original, but that original is far before most haters memory! Can't please everyone.

  4. @ Siph, good luck mate! I did too, that @@@@@y word limit, though. Three try's to get it under! I do hope bloggers (who I follow) win the prizes, And one can't have enough Titans. Have you got your warlords painting underway?

    I do agree a worthy successor to the original model, shame the copied the pose so exactly. I hope forge world release these as a set in the future.

  5. Siph, I might have some random RTB01 bits knockin' around if you want them.

    And yes, that figure is nice. He'd have to be a Crimson Fist, of course....


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