7 Mar 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Statue of the Emperor (or suitable Hero)

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is my latest piece of Terrain, I just can't stop doing terrain as it is quick and easy. This is a statue of the mightiest hero of the Imperium, the Emperor himself, or a suitable Hero...
I had the piece lying around now for 5-10yrs from a third party sculptor, marketed as a Mighty Hero of Humanity or something, clearly based on the Adrian Smith colour artwork of the Emperor but who knows. I was a gift back then and no I don't have any or have the details of the supplier - please don't ask. I don't really approve of third party re-casts or ripping off IP, however this was a gap in the market and not directly harming GW so I like it. (The gap still exists for an Emperor Model!! Come on Horus Heresy, make an Emperor and a fallen Horus - I want to make that diorama of the final confrontation on the battle barge above Terra, but the black and white version - Horus with two Lightning Claws and looking Daemonic!)

The far superior FW casts of the Primarchs make this kind of miniature old hat as the Primarch models are way bigger - this is about the same size of a mere marine - I have used a plastic Sternguard head as the supplied one was too elf like. I liked the regal patriarch features on this head but it lacks the depicted Emperor's long hair - hence it might be a mighty hero of the Imperium, the details are lost in the eons of history...
So what to do with an under-scaled Emperor-like mini... well, Terrain of course! I painted the mini my usual gold, Gehennas Gold, washed Agrax Earthshade, layered Gehennas Gold, highlighted Runefang Steel.  The column he is atop is a cake decoration tier for a wedding cake, made of plaster and cut with a Razor Saw.
I painted the plinth to match the Shrine of the Aquila terrain I have, and I am sure when he is used in battles it will be a worthy objective in the centre of the building! The main colour is Zandri Dust, washed again with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Ushabti Bone. The plinth itself is simply some Cities of Death Terrain.
I added various Oaths of Moment, purity seals and parchments left by devout worshipers of the Imperial Creed. And washed the gold itself with 'Ardcoat Gloss to make it shine. The ground base is usual Calthan Brown, drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone.
He is the Statue in the centre of the Shrine of the Aquila. A worthy height to him in a big building.
Hope you like. Please feel free to browse my other Terrain type posts HERE. Hopefully someone will get inspired to put effort into their gaming tables - it really does enhance the games! And scenery doesnt have to be more than a quick spray basecoat, wash and drybrush to bring it alive!

Thanks for dropping in. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Like it a lot!
    Definitely making me want to do something of my own, though it'll have to wait until I've finished my convent using 40k addict's building templates.

  2. Thats really cool. I like terrain that adds a story amd interest to the battlefield like this does

  3. I really really like it man. Nice work.

  4. Excellent recycling work Siph! Looks great!


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