4 Mar 2016

Deathwatch Space Marine Conversions WIP

Hi one and all- thanks stopping on by!

I just thought I'd do a quick post prior to the release of the new Deathwatch game- images of my Deathwatch I started ages ago- but not finished yet. I wanted to add a touch of character to my marines, thus I add various icons, chest plates, shoulder pads, heads to make them appear more like their 'home' chapter.

There are 10 'Sternguard' marines, from a selection of chapters, a Librarian plus 5 Vanguards with jump packs.
 The plan to complete these is to re-base them onto the bigger bases, and highlight them up- potentially in line with the guide in the recent WD. Currently they are in a early stage, where I was trying to work out a scheme and a look, I am looking at maybe painting the armour in a more metallic black- rather than a matt black scheme - more to come!
Hopefully these guys will be finished soon and I'll post the results!


  1. I prefer these to the boxed models. These look more gritty, like they actually fight Xenos. Some of the box models look a bit glam to do this.

  2. Very nice. I have a plan for a 30 strong deafwotch mob. But I always wanted them in Chapter colours with one black arm, instead of the other way around. What's the point of all those wonderful colourschemes if you're just paint black over the top ?

    In fact, the SM codex doesn't actually say anywhere that all of the little freaks have to be from the same chapter, so I suppose I could even dispense with the black arm...

  3. thank you for the comments,

    Col. Hertford- same here- I like the 'battle tested' look rather than the 'i'm in it for the medals' etc. that the models in the box set look- I think its the issue with GW going down the route of fixed position models- than the 'build your own look' with the normal tactical marines.

    Zzzzzz (i think I've got all the 'Z's' there)Thats my same plan- to have a big unit of sternguard/vanguard as a Deathwatch crack team- I like your idea with the true colour scheme- I'm toying with different ideas to make the 'black' appearnce different to normal.. stay posted..


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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