4 May 2017

Master of the Forge on Jet Bike Conversion

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Up on show next is my, what counted as a Master of the Forge, now Techmarine on a Jet Bike (Counts as Bike), with under slung Conversion Beamer. This was a project I started about 5 years ago, with the idea before that! Siph did his version of a MotF Techmarine on bike after I had the idea for mine, so a while back indeed! 

The Jetbike is the Sammael model, with the addition of a Techmarine body, and legs in place of Sammael. The under slung Plasma Cannon was then cut away, and replaced with a Forgeworld Contemptor Conversion Beamer - the arm perfectly sits within the void left by the plasma cannon. a portion of the Plasma Cannon is used to look like a vent from the Beamer.
The Techmarine tome on the front of the bike I decided to add script that looked like how a Conversion Beamer might work, to be honest is designed to look like an X-ray system which is what my degree in University is, Radiography!

The final picture is the MotF flying on the battle board. I do hope the rules in 8th include him so I can use him as I planned!
Thanks for looking, Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

Edit, Following comments- pleasse see the close up of the book.. 


  1. Looks well and a clever use of parts. Bravo. Any close up, flst shots of the book please?

  2. Excellent conversion. I will get Andy BG to mark your conversion beamer homework.

  3. 8th edition wargear changes is going to be interesting.


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