1 May 2017

Dark Vengeance Gaming Counters for 40K - Painted

Hello Readers, I hope I can still use these in 8th Edn!! These have been sitting around for ages, (read: since DV was released!) and I never thought about using them in game, but after a number of games where I forget rules, moves etc. I thought maybe some of the counters could actually be of use. There were a lot of tokens that do not add much or are repeated with similar tokens - Shaken/Stunned for instance.
Falling Back / Disorganised Charge - I think these can actually be of use, denoting what Units are falling back or are carrying out a disorganised charge? I'll probably use as Falling Back.
Weapon Destroyed - Often forgot unless I can physically remove the turret, so these will definitely be useful.
Vehicle Destroyed - Often I place destroyed vehicles upside down or on side, but rules wise they should just stay in position and some aerials are at risk of breaking if put upside down, so a Destroyed counter could be of use.
Immobilized - Simple and effective reminder for vehicles and Dreadnoughts. saves putting a dice next to it which can be confused with Hull Points.
Crew Shaken/Stunned/Jinked - I refrained from painting up another four with single shaking lines, so the counter will be enough to jog the memory of which it applies to. I see its usefulness as a reminder about Jinking Flyers and Bikes too.
And finally, the most useful and have always been using since I saw it, which made me think I could paint up some more eventually, the Turn Counter - I use this every game and useful for photos too, to remind me what photo comes from what Turn when writing up Batreps. I magnetized the arrow so it rotates. Simple and effective.
There you have it, I think they look great, much better and clearer than the bright gauss-green counters you get stock. And no blending, highlighting or washing, so a simple effective paint scheme brings these to life and usefulness.  Thanks for checking out the blog, cheers - Siph.


  1. I have a set of these in clear green hard plastic. Gw made them for 4th edition (or was it 5th?) to match the templates from that time. There was an objective marker that looked like something from a video game as well as arrows you could use to define deployment zones.

    Also, the 4th edition vehicle dice can be used to mark the damage status of vehicles as well.

  2. OOoh. Those look better.

  3. These look great. I have a sneaking suspicion that these will be a bit redundant in the new edition though unfortunately

  4. Agreed. Looks great.


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