27 Apr 2017

Leviathan Dreadnoughts - 3 Ultramarine Leviathans

Hi one and all,

To follow up on last weeks post, My 3 Leviathan Dreadnoughts. to complete these I need to add some transfers, which I intend to do as a massive bulk with my other dreadnoughts and vehicles.

Up first, my all rounder, with melta and claw- I'm really happy with the pose of this one- as though he is charging into combat- the left claw is mounted further round that it should be really, but the look needed that to get the desired look. Definitely benefits from the 2 running feet.
Up next, my combat dreadnought - again the pose looks good, aimed to be in the middle of a big combat; the rules for this in CC are pretty insane, (7th ed rules) and I am looking forward to seeing how he fairs in combat.
Lastly, Mr Shooty himself, the storm cannon armed Dreadnought. Designed to let the other 2 charge forwards whilst he blasts away at everything, again the benefit of having 3 of these is to have been able to change the feet around. This dread has 2 flat feet befitting of a shooting stance.
 The 3 Dreadnoughts together on my battle board..
 The the 3 dreadnoughts with my others- a 14 strong unit...
Thanks for looking!! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.


  1. That's a lot of dread! Nice work on all of them and great posing on each type

  2. Hopefully these still wreck face in 8th Edn. So, Dread Drop Pods up for the to-do pile to get those CCW Dreads in combat?

  3. I do love me some dreads, bravo. Good idea of mixing the feet around in the kits.

  4. Oh good, that's a lot of space marine leg chairs... they look great, love the posing!


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