13 Apr 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #8 - Rites of Colour

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More progress with the Reaver to show, I've finally started to get some paint to the model, adding boltgun metal (or Leadbelcher for the new paints) to the legs and weapons, the base has been sprayed brown ready for dry brushing and detailing. The Rhino will probably get a 'Relictor' feel to it, to go with the dead marines already painted.
With regards the weapons, all have been sprayed, there is the addition of the Volcano cannon which I hadn't posted yet. There are details under the armour plate I want to do prior to sticking the plate to the gun. The Volcano cannon is huge in comparison to the other 2 guns! Again, I've built the arm to use the same screw/nut feature.
I'm still in 2 minds for the scheme, I do have a legion (maybe 2) in mind, I've seen both painted on other blogs or at WHW. Hopefully I'll have picked the legion for the next Reaver post.

He is the model currently, slow progress, but I'm happy with the direction its going in.
Thanks for Looking!


  1. Excellent, the rite of painting beings! I'm loving seeing this develop.

    I've managed not to mention siphs unpainted warlord!

  2. Coming along well there. Remember your knight doesn't need to be the same colour as your army ;)

  3. Col H, how dare you ;) Its got a little paint on it... but you are right, I do need to get going!

    Lord H, looking good, great to see the start of the Rite of Colour.


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