6 Apr 2017

Bloodthirster WIP #3

Hi Everyone!

Here are a few more pictures of the Bloodthirster I'm working on, I've got the wings virtually there, I'm now debating whether to pin, or magnetise them into place, or just to glue them.
Left to do is the face, horns and feet, then an overall final wash/drybrush over the armour panels and then a final dark drybrush over the flames. I'm pretty happy with the way the model is looking, and that the skin tone is what I was aiming for.
Also in shot, is Skarband - a little further behind, but getting there slowly! Hopefully I will get these done within the week.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Coming together nicely mate, but can't help thinking the BT base needs some detail, too plain and flat without any details, rocks, shrubs, rubble, detritus of war?

  2. Siph has in on the head there, the base needs a bit of life. Well exlife since he will have killed everything.

    Coming on well though.

  3. I think they are looking great. I'd go with Siphs advice on the base though.

  4. Thanks for the comments- and feedback, the plan I had for the base for this model,and Skarbrand was to add the first 'big kill' the model gets during its first battle- a dreadnought, a character, knight etc. so that the base has a story to it.

  5. Would magnets work on wings that big ?


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