11 Apr 2017

Terrain and Scenery - Moonscape Craters

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in to our humble corner of the blogosphere once again. My latest addition to the Terrain and Scenery I have is the Apoc OOP Moonscape Craters plastic set from GW.
These were first on sale around the launch of Apocalypse I think and judging from a quick serach on GW website, no longer available which is a shame. I bought some of the Quake Cannon Craters too, much more detailed and grim dark with bits of tanks and plenty of skulls, these by comparison are very generic and a lighter vacuum formed plastic mould. A lot more flimsy than they look, and thinner plastic than the Quake Cannon Craters but once on the table top, they are very durable and do the job just fine.
Not much to say other than these took about an hour from start to finish, (not including optional glue drying time overnight), so if you do have them, get them out and get them done! Don't take several years like me!
I went the additional optional step of PVA (Elmers) glue around the plain plastic rim, and dipped in my modelling sand and then once dry, sealed with some Purity Seal to lock the grains in place.
Paint wise, which took less than the hour for all of them, is simply spray primer, sprayed Mournfang Brown, drybrushed Ushabti Bone, the centre of the craters was washed with a Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade mix. Done.
I then added a few clumps of burnt grass flock to the rims as all my bases have, and helps tie in with the Gamemat I have, it has little bits of vetetation pictured.
There you go, the GW Mournfang Brown spray is your friend here! Bag open to done in 1hr (overnight if you use glue like me). Go on, paint your scenery!

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Cheers, Siph.


  1. Although they are somewhat thin and now out of production, they remain one of the better and most used scenery pieces I know of. Nice work on the painting :)

  2. These also work great when combined with ruins...

    Administratum Ruin w/Crater

  3. Jabberjabber, agree.

    Dave Mary, that looks great, I was thinking the same, maybe with next set of Apocalypse Crater things (crashed spaceship one with hole in building perhaps).

  4. This was a great set. A shame it isn't sold anymore. I bought two sets. I converted the second into Tyranid digestion pools using green stuff, spare rippers and water effects.


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