7 May 2017

Kairos Fateweaver - The Oracle of Tzeentch Chaos Daemon

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is the latest addition to the malign forces of Chaos that seem to have popped up into my display cases without me even realising their growing numbers ;)
This was the smaller finecast Kairos Fateweaver that until recently was the only sculpt, now the new fantastic huge Lord of Change has options to make a Fateweaver too. This was a Christmas gift so it was an excellent addition to the army, I prefer the smaller scult for Fateweaver, reserving the larger model for the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.
But, before you congratulate me for an original paint scheme, I will proudly say that this was a Commission I asked Nick Thrower at The Burning Eye blog to paint him for me, great service and great communication and great rates too. Anyone in the UK wanting a commission painter, bear Nick in mind and check out his blog for details. Lovely chap indeed, I've met him once at Blog Wars and we will no doubt be meeting up again sometime in the future,perhaps at WHW or Warhammerfest.
I love the unusual scheme for this, pale flesh, turquoise and blues of Tzeentch and rich oranges of the feathers, this will go nicely with the colourful and unusual 'Pink' Horrors by Rob at 30Kplus40K blog.
And whats more, I tasked Nick to paint some more Daemons after seeing progress of some he was working on for another Commission client, I sent him 2 boxes of Screamers, more of them in the next post. Cheers for dropping by and special thanks to Nick Thrower, Cheers, Siph.

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  1. Tres colourful. That fateweaver is a crackin' sculpt. Not exactly pretty, but entirely what you'd want from a 'weaver model.


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