9 May 2017

Screamers of Tzeentch Commission by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in, following on from the last post with Fateweaver, Nick from The Burning Eye blog also painted up six Screamers of Tzeentch for me. A great bloke, good service, good rates and great communication throughout. If you are in the UK and require a commission painter, by all means consider Nick, details on his blog.
I saw him doing another commission involving some Screamers for another client, so asked to add these to Fateweaver. I loved the turquoise and orange scheme, ties in with Fateweaver and looks great.
Really good colours on the spines and on the eyes, and I loved the little armoured scales on the skin.
The bases were done to match my current forces and tie in nicely.
Here are all six, watch out Vehicles, maybe in 8th, these will also be deadly in CC if they eat HPs, they'll eat Wounds...
And finally, a look at where the Daemon force is now, a very colourful addition to my armies, some HQ choices, lots of troops and now Screamers - what started out as Daemons purely to supply models for my Relictor Librarians to summon using Daemonology Malefic psychic powers. Thanks for dropping in, cheers, Siph.

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  1. Those are lovely! The force is looking great as well!


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