25 May 2017

Ultramarine Daemon Prince

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Here is a little project I've finished, an Ultramarine Daemon Prince. This was a model I purchased off a well known auction site, as I liked the flying conversion of the plastic daemon prince. I'd already added a Relictor DP to my princes, so I thought it was only fair to add an Ultramarine on to the party. I believe this guy was finished before Siph's Daemon Prince of Tzneetch.

I've opted for a veteran look, with white helmet/face and shoulder trims, this is added to the pale skin complexion. I'd always wanted to try white skin, and really happy with the look. The wings flesh is a fleshy blue, with a really watered down Ultramarine blue. I am toying with adding a banner similar to the Relictors one (Relictor Daemon Prince), however I'm not sure the addition would benefit the pose.

How the flight is achieved... (Ouch...)

Here are all the princes on the battle board..

Thanks for looking!


I've realised I didn't include the background, and thoughts behind the model.. I see him being a Sternguard veteran that was injured by a daemon weapon wielding Relictor captain- the wounds caused the marine to fall to Chaos, a true Ultramarine wouldn't ever turn Heretic..


  1. ~gasp~ faints from the heresy ~sigh~

  2. Well, that's different. Heretical, but still different!

  3. thanks for the comments- I've added a little back story to the post that hopefully makes it less 'Heresy'

  4. Ha ha ha, you blind foolish loyalist lapdogs, you know the only way to understand Chaos is to become Chaos and through that, defeat it... and they call us Relictors misguided!?

  5. Love it! Ultras are the true fallen Marines!


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