18 Jun 2018

Imperial Knights - Adeptus Custodes Indentured Questoris Knight - Freeblade

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in. Check out my latest addition to my Questor Imperialis forces, a departure from the intended Legio Astorum Consorts, but when I saw these parts over at Tale of Painters Blog, I ordered them from Shapeways and set about creating an Indentured Imperial Knight of the Adeptus Custodes.
I love the talon fingers of the Thunderstrike Gauntlet so had to have him armed as such, reminiscent of the Emperor's gloved Power Fist. The pose had this front and centre, the raised Thermal Cannon follows this direction with the Stubber and Head looking to the left.
The heraldry was simple, keep it white, stylised eagle and thunderbolts - the banner has a nod to the Adeptus Mechanicus with the cog, but a wing in the centre. I used a smaller winged sword from a SM transfer for Ravenwing to echo the main heraldic shield, from the Baneblade transfer sheet.
I love the Fan-Plate hamstring protectors on the knee joint and the Custodian styled Greaves. I chose to keep the base fairly plain to not detract from this one-off Knight.
I painted smaller armoured plates on the main body gold, to link in with the main armoured panels, and the toes too. This Shoulder Pauldron has scrollwork on it, the other plain.
The Thunderstrike Gauntlet has kill markings, as does the shield of the Thermal Cannon, both red lined with gold to continue the pattern of the Shoulder Pauldrons. This one bearing the Aquila made from two halves of the Aquila on the Imperial Knight sheet, and painted to look like a whole Aquila - thunderbolts added fromthe Baneblade transfers.
Close up of the 3-D printed talons, the rough texture on this side ensures a smooth bladed edge on the reverse, and is kind of fitting antique looking.
An upward looking shot, showing the Groin armour and the original chest piece scrollwork honouring his new allies. The top of the hips also has Tassets, overall 15 piece kit from Shapeways compatible with the plastic Imperial Knight kit. Pricey, but a unique looking Imperial Knight.

I intend to run him as a Freeblade, with suitable traits of unshakeable loyalty or faith or whatever the Codex yeilds and maybe the Thunderstrike Gauntlet Relic.

Thanks for checking this out, cheers, Siph. (20 painting points)


  1. Wonderful looking knight. I wonder could it be played in GW stores and such, since it is only extra parts.
    Love the shoulders and the gauntlet.

  2. That's fantastic! I've seen other builds with the parts. It's a neat set of kit for the Imperial Knight. Your paintwork is top notch. Congratulation on your results!

  3. Holy crap, that is AWESOME!!!

  4. @ Rory, doesn’t concern me as I’ve never played in GW stores, might have to ask ahead if I intend to play at WHW though, but as they are just additions to the plastic kit it might pass muster.
    @ Dave, thank you very much, very kind words.
    @ Neverness, thanks mate!


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