25 Jun 2018

Relictors - Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine Gunner #2

Hello Readers, thanks for having a look-see. This is my latest addition to the ever growing Relictors Battle Company arsenal, another Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine Gunner. The first was a metal kit done as the box instructs (HERE), but for variation between Gunners, this kit I chose something different.
The cannon was a Finecast version bought secondhand and then painted to match the first exactly, the console is in the wrong place, however it was stuck there by the previous owner and looks fine, so it stayed.  The finecast kit was nowhere near as straight or solid as the metal kit and lacks the nice weight the metal kit provides, but once painted you have to look carefully to see. I now snatch this one from the tabletop expecting a heavier weight! lol.
The Gunner is a mix of parts, FW Iron Hands Medusan Immortal body, a Techmarine Auspex arm, a Onager Dunecrawler bionic 'arm' and a Pauldron from a SM Vehicle sprue, a BatC Plasma Pistol 'cutter', an old metal Techmarine backpack and 'Flamer' pincer plus a ammo hoist arm from the original Techmarine Gunner set holding a Thunderfire Shell.
I cut the Mechandrites from the original backpack, inserted the Thunderfire arm and then reattached at a steeper angle to look more natural. Here you can also see the cut down Plasma Pistol as a counts-as Plasma Cutter on the end of the rather fitting Ad Mech Onager Dunecrawler arm.
The older Techmarine Backpack fits in seamlessly. I love that this Medusan Immortal has a Bionic Leg.
I also painted the right hand holding the Auspex/Targeter as a Bionic Hand, this Gunner is close to the Machine God!
And here is the Thunderfire Battery as it stands, shame in 8th these are separate Heavy Slots now, but the Tremor Shells Strategm is useful to slow fast dangerous enemy units and the Thunderfire is a great multiple shot weapon.
Lastly, I added numeral indicators to the guns so I know and the enemy knows what one is what. Thanks for looking, hopefully I gave you some potential ideas for a Techmarine conversion and cheers for dropping by. Thanks, Siph. (5pts for Vehicle rather than 10 painting points for a Character)


  1. VERY cool! Tbey look like they can deal out some death also.

  2. Very nice techie conversions. I'm hoping these guys have their own cut outs in the foam somewhere ? It be annoying to dislodge those fancy teccie bits in transit.

  3. I really like that Techmarine. I just chopped my Thunderfire Cannon up however, making it unusable and I don't want to destroy/customise the default Techmarine too as my backlog is ever growing. Great work!

  4. @ Neverness, Thanks a lot mate. Cheers
    @ Zzzzzz, Thanks and rest assured he travels in his own padded cell, as does the original heavy metal gunner! So many pokey bits.
    @ Monkeychuka, cheers. Shame as TF Cannons in 8th are still quite effective, but I can relate to massive to-do piles... see the page link above labelled “Siph’s To-Do Mountain” lol


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