4 Mar 2019

Legio Astorum - Forge World Warlord Titan Build #21 - Main Body Torso Painting

Hello Titanseers, more progress on the Warlord Dominus Victoria, a proper step forward, the main bulk of mass of the titan done. Although a lot of the endo-skeleton will be covered in the numerous Armour Plates, I still put a lot of detail into the superstructure.

The link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

The main waist spotlights (I guess) were painted Stormhost Silver and layered with FW Angron Red clear red, the lower halves washed Reikland Fleshshade and Druichi Violet and then more Angron Red. I also painted the smaller lights in a similar fashion, the green (Starboard side) being Biel-Tan Green.
I picked out the inner piston tubes with bright silver and some grime toward the end. added the tertiary close-in weapon Mauler Bolt Cannons and Lascannons.
I chose to add Legio Astorum livery to the reactor vent ridges, and used Soulstone Blue on the Void Shield Projectors.
The rear deck guard rails were fitted and the door decorated with the AdMech black and white and the certificate number '104' so the embarking Princeps gets the correct God Machine!
The left hand door has a Legio Astorum halo, I picked out a few pipes and grills and added some red lights.
I thought the Gyro Stabilisers required a little touch of technical colour and a decal from the Imperial Knights sheet was ideal.
I fitted the rear facing defensive weapons. Only a Warlord Titan calls dual twin-linked Lascannons a tertiary armament!
The central carapace and the forward reactor cooling vents were also painted in the Legio Astorum livery to avoid a big mass of metal and will link in nicely with the Shoulder Pauldron armour plates.
So, some real progress made now, just a mass of armour plates, head, arms and secondary carapace weapons to do... haha, still lots to do, and this is where the detailing and decals will bring her to life.
It feels good to have the main constituents of the Warlord frame now completed, it no longer mocks me from the side of the room! I am on target to have it completed by the June Titan Owners Club UK Walk.

Dominus Victoria will Walk at the next UK Titan Owners Club event, where she will be battling alongside 80 (yes 80!!) other Titans! I will be sure to post lots of photos.  Remember to register your own Titans at Titan Owners Club, and if you want some cool Titan Owners Club merchandise they even now have a Spreadshirt Shop, all profits go to buying Titan sized terrain :)

Cheers for dropping in, Thanks, Siph.


  1. Big, isn't it. Well done for perseverance sake if nothing else. Very impressive.

    1. Phil, thanks mate, perseverance is the right word lol - its taken me about 3yrs to actually get this far... I'm finally cracking on with it now though, deadline is 28 June for the TOC Walk UK where we will have a mass Titan battle of 80 titans!

  2. Beautiful Engine, Siph. Worth the effort. Its going to be very rewarding when done.

  3. Looking forward to seeing her walk.

  4. @ Monkey Chuka - She is, rather enjoying the slow burn and getting each panel done.
    @ DAM - Thanks mate
    @ Zzzzzzz - You popping up on 29-30 Jun come say Hi? In MK Novotel


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