22 Mar 2019

Armies of the Imperium - Inquisitor Greyfax and the Sisters of Silence

Hello one and all,

To follow up from last weeks Pink Horror post that was completed whilst away, I also finished off 2 units of Sisters of Silence and Inquistor Greyfax.

Inquisitor Greyfax
I've painted her with silver the base colour, washed with Agrax Earthshade, with then details picked with black, gold or red. I've added a warmth to her face with warmer flesh tones. There is a hint of one of my favourite X-men characters with her hair. I've gone for a light brown, with a white strip at the front like Rogue. I've also added a touch of the catwalk with red soles for her boots. (a nod to my wife's favourite shoes..)  The silver armour was highlighted to add depth of the model. The cape I did with a purple finish, to add a different colour to the model to add interest.
The base was done using my normal recipe to fit in with my Imperial Armies.

Sisters of Silence
Similar to Greyfax, these were painted with a silver base, with purple capes, and browns for the fur. The power swords had a blue tip with a bright white highlight, which was then washed with a blue glaze.

I've opted for a squad with flamers, and a squad with power swords.
The 3 units, due to the colours used fit well as a force- really happy with how these look - and look forward to trying them on the dancefloor of war!
Thanks, Lord Halfpenny
(20 points to the annual painting total - 10 for Sisters, 10 for Greyfax  character)


  1. Great looking proto Force you have there :)

  2. Very interesting potential! I'm still hoping that Imperial Agents get some kind of codex in due course.

  3. thanks for the comments!I am hopeful for an new Imperial Agents Codex at some point..


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