8 Mar 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP #8 - Rites of Colour

Hello! and thank you for stopping by!

I've making some serious progress with the Warbringer Nemesis now, this might be helped with a box I picked up last week (its big).

With regards the Warbringer Nemesis I have washed the endo-skeleton with Agrax to add depth, and then the slow process of washing/highlighting the armour panels.

I have also opted to use Agrax over the platform on the top of the titian, and over the Quake cannon. details were picked out with gold, and then will be washed/highlighted like the plates.
The head, I've gone for a 3 tone colour, using the 3 colours I've used over all my titans, edged with gold. The model has been prepared to allow the LED lights to be housed in the head, and the power pack in the body.
The legs have had all the pistons added, and then the brass hips have been washed and highlighted to match the Reaver titan.
Slowly getting there.
Thanks for looking! LH


  1. Love the chequerboard effect on the torso waist panel. How did you achieve that, tape or stencil?


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