25 Mar 2019

Legio Astorum - Forge World Warlord Titan Build #23 - Torso Armour Plates

Hello Titanseers, more progress on the Warlord Dominus Victoria, another step forward, the main bulk of the Torso is now armoured and protected, only the main six Shoulder Plates to do.

The link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

The head Cowling I chose to be yellow to accentuate the yellow Head of Legio Astorum titans. so the small Beta Head isn't lost in the sea of blue livery. I roughened up the surface on the torso and the cowling and used JB Weld to fix it in place, held by some elastic bands.
The shoulder mounts and Mauler Bolt Cannons were great anchoring points for the bands.
I leave all my pieces overnight to fully dry before embarking on the next armour plates, JB Weld is awesome but tack dry after 5-10mins but gasses off over 24hrs.
The upper head cowling was also a difficult piece to clamp, You have to apply pressure to fully keep the fixing tabs in the slots provided whilst the JB Weld dries.
Here you can see the two clamps used to extend the clamp reach, the force worked perpendicular through the torso to the rear exhaust. Fairly effective once I figured out how.
The waist armour was detailed with some stripes I applied using tape masking and a brush.
I applied some of the Forge World transfers, Astorum titans detail their battle honours with the star maps to the battle zones - I added several constellation transfers together to fill the space effectively.
I added a few more on the chest armour to link with the top piece and I really like the look so far.
The left hand waist armour shows the Certificate Number "104", a great way to show the history and individuality of the mighty Engines we list over at Titan Owners Club.
The rear Kidney armour has the Legio name and Halo device, and also the name of the Forge World Legio Astorum come from.
Here is Dominus Victoria to date, I still have to add the wide characteristic Leg Greaves and Thigh Armour with Knee Caps, plus the other classic silhouette Shoulder Pauldrons to give the wide "Beetle Back" look of Warlords. But I have managed to fit the Shin Armour Plates too.
I echoed the Head Cowling yellow on the Arm Armour plates, they are lost in the mass of the titan when weapons and Shoulder Pauldrons are in place so I made them stand out a little giving yellow accent colour to brighten up the mass of Blue and Gold livery.
An impressive mass of model already without the top weight of Shoulders and Weapons, but still fearsome with Titanic Feet and an equivalent Land Raider armament already!
The Kidney Armour looks great with the addition of the decals. And the handrail is also Astorum Blue.
So, there you have it - Dominus Victoria is getting there, every stage completed now actually feels like a step forward to completion, I can see the finishing line. Shoulders, Greaves, Head, Carapace Weapons and Arms to go... by end of June for the Titan Owners Club UK Walk - No Problem! :)

Dominus Victoria will Walk at the next UK Titan Owners Club event, where she will be battling alongside 80 (yes 80!!) other Titans! I will be sure to post lots of photos.  Remember to register your own Titans at Titan Owners Club, and if you want some cool Titan Owners Club merchandise they even now have a Spreadshirt Shop, all profits go to buying Titan sized terrain :)

Cheers for dropping by, thanks, Siph.


  1. Very impressive, very impressive indeed.

  2. Dominus Victoria us coming along great! Your perseverance shows and is really paying off here. She is an impressive engine indeed.

    1. Thanks, she no longer mocks me from the side of the room, June is still a safe distance away but I need to get my geek on to finish!

  3. Can't wait to see her in the 'flesh' at the Walk Siph :)

    1. Aye Brother Princeps, only 94 Terran cycles to go!

  4. Imagines archoteks trying to get enginseers, servitors and robots to stretch dozens of 100m long elastic bands around a half finished titan. What could possibly go wrong ?

    Castelax pings across the hanger in a shower of servitor bits...


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