5 Apr 2012

Second Tyrannofex Complete (Pic Heavy)

Hi folks, so I recently bought a pair of the new Tervigon/Tyrannofex kits and magnetised one up (see here) so it can be either units and I built the other one to be a Tyrannofex armed with a Rupture Cannon. I wanted to pace myself before taking on the magnetised build (there are tons of variant parts to paint), so started off with the Tyrannofex.

I was really looking forward to painting this model but man it took ages to finish! Its just huuuuge!


  1. Very nice work, I like your scheme, mine is still gray :( its a very nice model but so daunting to paint with it being so big!

  2. Looks awesome, like the way you have done the skin tones. Certainly a daunting model to paint. Hopefully manage to get my nids done for BW3.

  3. Thats looking great! For me these big models take ages to paint. Im in the process of painting a Warmachine Battle Engine myself and I feel it's never going to get ready. :p

  4. That is a very striking colour scheme and a beautiful model. Looking forward to seeing more if your Nids.


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