12 Jun 2017

Forge World Necron Tesseract Ark w/ Singularity Cannon and Gauss Cannons

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. I've something rather special today I think. A great Forge World Necron Tesseract Ark armed with a mighty Singularity Cannon and some Gauss Cannons.
I broke my new year Hobby Goal of not buying anything new until I had made a fair dent in my to-do pile, I guess it's still within my goal bounds of not adding to the to-do pile and a single purchase, so not feeling to guilty ;) Not buying anything is too dull, so this satisfies my itch, and six months in I deserved a reward I think!
The stock weapon the kit comes with is the Singularity Cannon and self defence Tesla Cannons, but I prefer the Gauss Cannon ability of AP3 and glancing vehicles, not sure what 8th will do to that (at time of writing) but hopefully Gauss will still be effective. The singularity cannon is a nice one, either AP3  'flame' template type mode, or 'lascannon' with blast (48in, S7 AP2 Blast and Heavy 3) for deleting heavy infantry squads or light vehicles or 'beam' mode working like a death-ray at S5 but Armourbane.
The kit comes with a single sprue from the Ghost Ark plastic kit, giving the rear end of the Ghost Ark and throne, and some resin parts for the characteristic front curved glacis plate and upgraded engine blocks.
The Gauss Cannons were from spares from Destroyer kits, I added some vanes from the rear of the Throne to add some technical 'gubbins' which works well and painted my usual red tones for Gauss energy rods, which works well on this model with the Singularity Chamber, rear 'engine' chamber and other secondary Gauss energy spheres typical on Necron vehicles.
I painted the Tesseract Ark the same method as the Ghost Ark, in sub assemblies and line highlights, but due to the lack of separate ribs, it was a lot easier! The front Glacis gives the vehicle decent armour with AV11 but Quantum Shielding means that is AV13 until glanced, not sure how quantum shielding will translate into 8th Edn.
It also has some funky rules making a 5++ and dangerous and difficult terrain and disorganised charges for anyone charging it. But the drawback is a Weapon Destroyed result for the Singularity Cannon means on a 4+ the entire vehicle explodes!
I love the silhouette of this vehicle, like a 'big daddy' Tomb Blade, or a modern Skaven Death Wheel, love it. Can't wait to use it on the battlefield.

Thanks for reading, hopefully something new for some of you to see, cheers, Siph.


  1. Great job on that one! The current Necron range is just fantastic! Wish I hadn't sold mine on now...

  2. Awesome job! Love your necrons!

  3. Very nice! Love the colour scheme.

  4. Thank you everyone, you'll be pleased to know I still have a big to-do pile for my Necrons.


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