8 Jun 2017

Roboute Guilliman- Primarch of the Ultramarines

 Hi One and All- thanks for stopping by!

I've recently finished my first (of 3 roboute-guilliman)  Roboute Guilliman models-this is the new Games Workshop Version. The model was finished ready in time for the Warhammer World battle between me and Siph. (fond-farewell-to-7th-warhammer-world )

I really like the look of the model, and really wanted to make him stand out- I also wanted to try something different with the mini, thus the decision to add a slight conversion to the model. The moment I saw him I thought it was lacking something, then it dawned on me...
 I was working on some Custodes at the same time, and as I was painting Guilliman I noticed the cape from the custodes set, that was it! he needed a cape- and bizarrely the cape fits Guilliman perfectly! I had to move the torch from the back to the front, as the position of the cape would have been right over the flame! its tucked under the backpack, with the flow of the cape enhanced with the body positioning.

I'm really happy with The Emperor's Sword- i spent some time researching other swords others had done, also looking a painted fire and flames. I used lots of washes over yellows, reds and oranges as well as trying some directional painting to try to enforce the flames are alive. 

 I've done both heads, which are interchangeable- and can be moved to the direction he is looking in. I've opted to not paint his head to the scheme shown in WD I feel this one looked too much like Joffrey Baratheon- not a good look!

 I think normally the rule of thumb isn't to add something in front of the model- however the location of the second  (Frontal) torch adds to pull your eyes into the model. I've added a spike I've found from my bitz box.
 Guilliman marching over a deserted Imperial City.
I'm really happy with the finish, and the added cape adds so much to the model I feel. I'm also happy with the painting of the model- so much I went back to repaint Calgar and his honour guard as well as Sicarius!

Up next- the Guilliman Gauntlet..

Thanks for looking!


  1. Fantastic mate and a marked improvement in your brush skills I reckon! Great job, loved the mini IRL and smaller than I thought. Let's hope 8th he finds a perhaps slightly more balanced CC output! Lol

  2. Great job and loving that cape.

  3. Good job chief and an interesting choice with the cape. Not seen that done before.

  4. Great job, on the model. Have you considered doing the ForgeWorld model?


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