29 Jun 2017

40k Scenic Bases

Hi one and all,

This week I've been tackling a few bits in my 'to do pile' trying not to get sidetracked by any Primaris Marines that I might have..

I'm starting to put together a base for a larger model, designed to fit the story of the character. Below is the initial mock up for the base using a dreadnought as a dead model for the character to be stood on. One of the things building this with the model in mind has shown how much I prefer building the bigger, multi pose models, like the forge world knights. Unfortunately the Games Workshop plastics although looking great, are difficult to convert to get the pose anatomically correct unless you start really hacking into the model and then using green stuff. For me, its easier to bulk up the base to make the model stand in a neutral level so that it looks right.
I think everybody can guess the model the base is for - Magnus the Red! At this stage its just playing around with the base until I'm happy then will glue.

What are you thoughts with 'converted bases' what do you prefer? Would you go all out on a well designed base, or feel it takes away from the piece?

While you are at it, for beginners here is a old trustworthy tutorial on how Siph does his bases with sand and PVA/Elmers -  Bases Made Simple from 2008 and he still follows it today.

Thanks for dropping by, Lord Halfpenny.

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