17 Sept 2013

Battle Report- Ultramarines Vs Iron Warriors- picture heavy

Hi all,

This past weekend saw the Ultramarines of Lord Halfpenny, clash with the Iron Warriors of the6thdegree. This was a battle of the ages- literary, this was the first 1 on 1 we've had since we were teenagers (only a few years then?- LH) The Battle was 2500 points, over my battle board- the battle also saw the use of the new Space Marine codex, along with a few 'additions' (Sorry they are the 'grey marines- didn't have time to paint them.. LH)

The battle lines were set, the Ultramarines, lead by Marneus Calgar including new additions in the form of centurions and a hunter tank, taking on Abbadon and his chaos horde. the6thdegree used his force from BW, with some additional units to make the points up.

  • single objective in the centre of the board
  • Kill points
  • Line Breaker / First Blood / Slay the Warlord 
Iron Warriors Deployment
  • Iron Warriors deploy first, utilising the agis defence line to fortify their position
  • oblitorators take up firing positions in the ruins
  • Hellbrutes and Forgefiend take up aggressive positioning to either go for the flank or centre of the board
  • Helldrake in reserve
 Ultramarine Deployment
  • Hunter deployed behind ruins
  • Calgar and Assault Terminators in Land Raider Redeemer- positioned to go for the centre of the board
  • Centurions deployed to have good coverage of the board, with a view to move them towards the objective with support from tactical squad

Turn 1
Iron Warriors
  • Obilitorators target the contemptor, taking a hull point
  • Forgefiend kills 3 marines
  • Vindicator finishes off the contemptor in a fiery blast
  • Sternguard arrive via drop pod assault
  • Centurions open fire, causing 24! wounds killing 5 terminators and Abbadon with Grav fire
  • Sternguard combat squads open fire at both the forgefiend and Vindicator- damaged saved with daemonic saves
  • Razorback destroys a weapon of the forgefiend
Turn 2
Iron Warriors
  • Helldrake arrives, killing 3 space marines via shooting and wounding a centurion via vector strike
  • the havoc launcher on a rhino wounds another centurion
  • Hellbrude (dakka) shot the Land Raider- destroying Calgar's transport- a terminator is killed in the wreckage
  • Obilitarators destroy the razorback with lascannon fire
  • Several sternguard are killed with CSM fire
  • Centurions destroy the helldrakes weapon with grav fire
  • Terminiators charge into the rhino- destroying it in combat
  • Marneus Calgar destroys the forgefiend in combat- however he is left open to incoming fire
Turn 3
Iron Warriors
  • havoc launcher causes further wounds on the centurions- killing one, and wounds another
  • Calgar is first wounded by the IW marines encircling him, then killed via obliterator plasma fire
  • remaining Sternguard are killed in combat
  • centurions reduced to 3 in number with weight of sustained fire
  • Stormtalon arrives, killing several CSM with assault cannons
  • Centurions kill another CSM with Grav fire
  • Terminators kill 4 CSM in close combat
Turn 4
Iron Warriors
  • Hellbrute charges Centurions killing 1- centurions fall back and are destroyed
  • CSM vs Terminator close combat sees losses on both sides- the chaos champion wins his challenge- and has the boon of becoming a chaos spawn! (I blame fateweaver who was watching the game..)
  • Helldrakke Finally downed by the Hunter fire
  • Hellbrute is charged by tactical squad and is reduced to 1 hull point thanks to a power fist 
Turn 5
Iron Warriors
  • CSM move forward to claim the centre of the board
  • Razorback is blown to pieces via fire from the havocs
  • spawn of chaos finishes of the last terminator in close combat
  • Power fisted SM destroys the Hellbrute in close combat
  • storm talon kills a couple of CSM with assault cannon fire
Turn 6
Iron Warriors
  • Stormtalon is  finally brought down
  • Move in to contest the objective
  • marines in the centre of the board open fire- but unable to wound any CSM
the game ends- as the dust settles, we calculate the kill points, 
Iron Warriors 12 - Ultramarines 10-  a narrow win to the6thdegree!!!
we had rolled for a 7th turn, and we should of played on- however time was against us- I think if we had continued the Iron Warriors would of destroyed my force, leaving only the hunter left. 
My unit of the game has to be the centurions- I couldn't believe how easily they disseminated Abbadon and his terminator body guards- 6 of them is overkill, and is very high priced.

A few moments of magic- firstly the CSM winning his challenge, only to be turned onto a spawn of chaos.. secondly seeing both Abbadon and Calgar getting blown to pieces- showing that it doesn't matter if you are an eternal warrior- weight of fire will bring them down..

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