21 Mar 2012

More thoughts towards BW3

 As blog Wars 3 nears, the decision over which army has to be made, either Ultramarines, or Daemons. My choice is best on which army should deliver fun to both me and my opposition- and I feel with the unpredictable nature of Daemons should offer that.

So- the big question is which God to choose..

I've decided against using the FateCrusher technique- game terms its a winner, however I feel that fluff wise it wouldn't feel right, and that as seen on other blogs, the FateCrusher is a very Uber unit indeed-

I'm leaning towards a Mono-God list, Nurgle would be a good shout, with Gu'Karth and Epidemius (who's name sake(ish) can be found in males- 10 points to the blogger with the first correct answer) backed with plaguebearers and Nurgle daemon princes...

However I'm not following this force either...

For Blog Wars 3- there will be BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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