9 Mar 2012

Blog Wars 3- which army to use?

Having just signed up for Blog Wars3 (thanks again From the Fang for organising it) My attention is drawn to which army to use, and what units to include.


I have 2 main options- the Smurfs (Ultramarines) or a Daemon force, the 3rd wild card is that I do have imperial guard army sat in my loft never touched... However my choice of army has to be best on the armies I've used, and have experience with. The Smurfs I've had ever since the 2nd edition, all those years ago. I've used SM's over countless battle fields, and have won and lost my fair share. However after my last venture at BW1, I ended with the Weeman wooden spoon, having lost 2 and a single draw. My choice last time included two landraiders, with terminators and Marneus Calgar. I ended up having lots of points on several uber units - and in the end that was my downfall.


Now for Daemons, I have built quite a sizable force, including several greater daemons and characters, there are several daemon units that are amongst the best currently in 5th ed, including the Bloodcrushers, Flamers, and Bloodletters, all with weapons that have no saves, thus good against most oppositions. The problem with daemons is the whole deep striking fun - of which I've had several deep strike mishaps.

The question is 'to icon up' or 'not too' at 25 points an icon, you could in theory have an extra troop choice by the time you've removed icons from units, however this could curse issues in games with lots of terrain, or that's packed full of units.

My Plan

The army that I select for BW3 has ultimately got to have 1 key ingredient to it - the 'fun factor' which army is going to keep both myself, and the opposition on their toes, which could deliver both the thrill of tabling an opposition, or the disappointment of losing key units in one roll of the dice.

For me there is only one army for me to take to BW3...

(I do hope there aren't any Grey Knights again!)


  1. Good luck man - I think you are going to need it! lol...

  2. Yeah, good luck with that. Grey Knights will def show up somewhere, however, you'll have fun with Daemons.

  3. There's bound to be some GK but hopefully not as many as at a regular tournament.

    It'd be great to have some Daemons there since Blog Wars has never had a daemon player. That and I've never played them outside doubles so hopefully we'll get matched up.


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