8 Mar 2012

Warmachine – Khador Assault Kommando Unit

This is going to be my last post about my Warmachine army for a while – primarily because my entire force is now painted up (or it would have been if I hadn’t recently ordered a full Winterguard deathstar unit that has about 15 models in it...my work is never finished). I’m now back in the realm of 40K and am trying to get my ‘Nids ready for the upcoming Blog Wars 3 tournament.

What we have here is a Khador Assualt Kommando unit; I picked these up for less than a tenner on eBay (with their data cards) because I like the models...I have absolutely no idea how they will play and haven’t had chance to get a game of WM in recently.

Looking through their fluff, they are assault units (no duh...) that are able to form Shield Wall (good), fire off smoke grenades which block LOS and lower enemy stats (sounds good), have mediocre ranged and close combat attacks (meh) and their cool gas-masks let them see through smoke effects (makes sense). If anyone reading this has any advice about using them – please let me know in the comments. I can’t see them working that well against GreyLambs Menoth army who are primarily melee based and immune to fire effects, but they could be useful against NotThatOnes Cygnar mob who require LOS for their ranged attacks and burn as easily as Bigfoot on a BBQ.

Anyway, they have been painted up in my uniform Khador red & gold and I have used some exaggerated highlighting to try and give them a “cartoony” feel, to tie them into the rest of my army.

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