16 Mar 2012

Imperial vs Lots of Tyranids! Games Workshop Poole picture heavy

Last weekend my local GW held a battle that saw Imperial Forces take on the Hive Mind- including lots of monstrous creatures, including 2 of the new Tervigons, the mission for the imperial force was to destroy the 2 Tervigons. sounds easy, however the brood including several Carnifeces, Hive Tyrants, Hive guard to name a few.

The imperial force included Dark Angel, Space Wolves, Eldar, another SM force, and my Ultramarines (guest appearance by Tyberius the Wake)

Ultramarine Force

Tyberius the Wake
5 Assault Terminators armed with Lightening Claws
Caestus Ram

The plan simple- dive in, charge and assault. The combination of Lightening claws, and Cassius met that I had re-rolls for both 'to hit' and 'to wound' on all attacks bar Cassius's potentially 25 hits with lots of re-rolls....

Lets go Nid hunting....

Imperial forces had first turn, the Caestus Ram dived onto the board to confront the Tervigon that had been slightly exposed, the 3 carnifices had been positioned to allow a perfect view of the Tervigon (lovingly called Tiffany) The caestus open fire with the Magma blaster and caused a wound, however the beast had a cover save due to the positioning of a Venomthrope, which was saved- Other attacks from the imperial force reduced the beast to 5 wounds. The terminators then launched an assault from the ram and charged headlong into the Tervigon. I positioned all units into B2B contact with Tiffany, however what I should of done is had some in contact with the Carnifeces that were in close proximity, as the resultant CC saw Tyberius slayed the beast in single combat, 5 attacks, 5 wounds...

I consolidated towards the Ram, the Nid turn saw the Hive guard fire upon the Ram, and immobilised it! the 3 carnifex open up, killing 2 terminators, then they charged into combat. The terminators faired well, and caused several wounds, however the 3 beasts weren't killed in response the carnefeices were monstrous, causing 18 wounds- however a technically meant that the wounds were only directed onto the squad, and not the IC's- thus Tyberius and Cassius remained in defiance! (this was a point that one of the other players noted and raised- as the attacks weren't specified to the Unit/IC's)

The imperial turn saw the Ram shooting into the brood, and hitting the second Tervigon, taking a wound. CC- Tyberius and Cassius managed to take further wounds, with support from the Eldar Avater. This resulted in a single Carnefex being felled, however in return Tyberius and Cassius being splatted across the floor!

The Ram spent the remaining turns shooting into the Brood, taking wounds, until the final Tervigon was killed!

 A win to the Imperial team!!

 In all, a really good battle, for which my plan of go in hard, and kill the Tervigon as soon as possible worked, if anything too well!

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