5 May 2009

Relictors Thunderfire Techmarine

Here he is finally finished, I must say what a pain this guy was - not to construct, that is self explanatory, but to paint - he is made of a billion pieces! It just went on and on. The Thunderfire Cannon was a piece of cake compared, but all said and done - I love this miniature, his pose is spot on and the actual sculpt is awesome.
His Servo Harness may need pinning in the future as I can see some rough handling or gaming in the future may see those arms being pulled off. I've enjoyed doing a different colour for once, this nice AdMech red was simply Scab Red over a White undercoat, with Blood Red and Blazing Orange highlights. The plasma coils were Mordian Blue, Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue and Skull White blend. I kept the cabling between his legs simple to avoid over complicating the colour scheme on what is a very 'busy' model.
The main parts of the Servo Arms are drybrushed BoltGun Metal however I have used Brazen Brass, Shining Gold, Mithril Silver and Tin Bitz to add variety on gears or pistons or joints. The left shoulder pad is the Relictors Chapter Badge and as such I have left the rim Grey, rather than Black like the rest of my 5th Company and the AdMech shoulder pad has a grey rim also to tie it in, it also helps link the grey arms to the rest of the red torso. I wanted some grey on him, but he loosely follows the Index Astartes colour scheme for Techmarines.

I've also varied the shells - they have a Brazen Brass washed in Devlan Mud cartridge like the Vindicator shells, but the 4 in the Servo Arm are red tipped and the single one in the left Servo Arm is Black/White tipped... Airburst, Surface or Subterranean...

And the final shot is him and his trusty Cannon. I hope you like. (2 Painting Points btw) Bigger pics in the 'Finished Relictors' gallery>>>>>>


  1. Bravo! He is awesome. Good call on the wires between his legs I can see how they could pull your focus away from other, more important aspects of the model.

  2. That is sharp. I just love all the Techmarine models. The Thunderfire cannon is such a slick model. Makes me wish my Chaos Marines had something similar.

  3. Nice job, that's a ton of metal to get sorted out. And you've got the cannon too paint too.

  4. Really nice paint job. All the bits are nice and contribute to a nice over-all feel. Good Job.

  5. Hassle or not, it was definitely worth all the work. This guy looks fantastic! The golden details in particular add some very nice variation to the colourscheme without making it messy.

    Trying my hand at one of these as well, though I'm insane enough to try and convert him and the cannon from scratch ;-)


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