18 May 2009

Relictor Sternguard Veteran #3

Here is another of my homegrown Sternguard Veterans. I've used a Dark Angel Veteran body with cloak but filed off the chest icon of a Dark Angel sword and added a tiny skull in its place. The converted bolter was made using my conversion method posted here. The helmet is a FW Red Scorpions Sergeant helmet and the back pack is a Cypher backpack like my other Sternguard.

I've used a Terminator Honours shoulder pad and another pad from a Chaos Marine sprue (in keeping with the dubious Relictor practices of dabbling with Chaos artifacts). The cloak was painted using Dheneb Stone foundation paint and a few washes of Delvan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia, with some Graveyard Earth on the recesses too. The shoulder pad rims and bolter casing and helmet are all Bleached Bone.

Seven Sternguard Veterans left... and a Rhino (or Drop Pod following my success at PornStarJedi's house).


  1. Very nice, always loved that helmet as well! So how many of these guys do you have planned?

  2. I like this a whole lot!! The edging of the shoulder pads and the helmet make a good impact against the rest of the dark power armour.

  3. Nice job, I like the way the robes came out especially.

  4. Looks great. I really like the simplicity of the scheme and the great use of bits.

    Nice looking Sternguard too. On par with the metal ones!

  5. Cheers everyone. I've one more to make, I'm thinking a robed hvy bolter weilding Sternguard! Then it is the 5 metal Sternguard (with powerfist removed) and an army box set super rare Sergeant to lead this motley (awesome) crew. Question - do stormbolters get the special ammo like the other troops? It is essentially two-bolters-in-one?

  6. Your color scheme here is top-notch, it's come off well.


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