9 May 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks PDF Squad

Here is my latest edition to my Imperial Guard (side) project. Now I've finialised the scheme, I will paint many more guard I'm sure. This is the completed ten man squad, I've yet to purchase a new codex so will no doubt add a heavy weapons team in the future etc. but for now this is them.
The main fabric was painted scorched brown/graveyard earth/kommando khaki and the armour scorched brown/scab red. All these guardsmen have their bayonets fixed so the scabbards are all empty ones. For some colour I added the Orkhide Shade green water bottles.

I have purchased some FW Cadian Upgrades so the next squad will have respirators and packs like the guardsman below, again - for some variation the bedmat roll is Mordian Blue. This was a spare back pack as one of the future squad will have a vox on his back. I thought it could visually tie in the next squad with this one. The respirators will tie them in with the DKK these will be fighting alongside. The Sergeant has identification stripes on his helmet rear and a command skull motif on the armour (some might say a juicy target when going over the top ahead of his squad!). The skull atop the aerial on the vox set is from the space marine biker frame.
Comments welcome, bigger pictures available in the 'Finished Relictors' album>>>>


  1. Brilliant!

    Re. helmet details:

    Our unit's padre used to have a glow-in-the-dark cross on the front of his helmet - even when he went on operations in Sandy Places! Talk about making oneself a target...

  2. Looking good mate, and its a great start. What do you have planned next?

  3. They look good. I really like the color scheme.

  4. You have a good eye for colour,

  5. Cheers everyone. Next is another sqd with the respirators and I have a Baneblade i'm adding air filters to, to DKK it a bit. I didn't paint the Baneblade myself tho. But first i'm back to my Relictors...


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