27 Jul 2020

Relictors Chapter Rogue Trader Era Librarians

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. This week's painting offerings come in the form of a couple of Rogue Trader Librarians I purchased back in 7th with the intention of making a Librarius Conclave Formation - however with the passage of 8th and now 9th, the Formations nonsense has dissipated and I'm pleased I no longer face Skyhammer Annihilation Forces!
From the job lot of Sternguard Veterans I bought, I had a spare number of resin books for the backpacks, ideal for Librarians! I love the pose of both these Rogue Trader sculpts and its good to see the design cues of Power Weapons and Aegis Hoods back in the day. I added an oversized Terminator pad to the left pauldron to give a more gladiatorial look, and bulk out the smaller figure a little.
Here you can see the near comical oversized pad, love it! The mini also got a modern power pack and a 32mm base so he can sit comfortably alongside the later sculpts.
I painted the blade with Contrast Shyish Purples and highlighted the lightning with a little Magos Flesh and Ulthuan Grey. I love his snub nose, whats like a proto-MKVII helmet.
The second Rogue Trader Librarian has a more standard MKVI Corvus 'Beakie' helmet and I painted the Force Sword with a coat of Magos Purple Contrast over a Ulthuan Grey basecoat giving an awesome mirrored blade look!
This Librarian received one of the spare Veterans Power Packs with the flaming braziers, looks cool on a character model. I painted his pauldron Relictors colors and also his right kneepad in 4th Company colours - he will lead my 4th Company Command Squad - in the background, Relictors Chapter has quite a few Librarians in their Command Structure, owning to the fact that they try to use and understand Chaos to fight Chaos - using Daemon Weapons and other such relics - the reasons they were until the Indomitus Crusade deemed Excommunicate Traitorous. Well that's my take on their fluff. (You can read the Fluff HERE).
I love the effect the Contrast had on the blade, akin to wet blending but achieved in seconds. The bone and parchment has also been given a coat of Skeleton Horde Contrast too.
There you have it, two old school fine additions to the Relictors Battle Companies, and addressing the lack of Librarians I have, now 5 plus Tigurius. I have a Bike Librarian, and another Power Armour and Terminator Armour Librarian to complete their Conclave - before I start adding Primaris Brother Librarians...

Cheers all, thanks for reading this far. Siph (20pts)


  1. A lovely job. I'm afraid my metal obliterators do not sit well alongside their new plastic sized versions.

  2. So cool. Great work bringing these old sculpts to life in Relictors force.


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