22 May 2022

Warhammer World - Updated Exhibits - Photo Dump

Hello readers, I went to Warhammer World this weekend for some FW goodies and to look at any updates in the Exhibition Halls, my last visit in 2018 was documented in three photo dump Blog Posts so if you love dioramas and plenty of gorgeous painted minis, check out the links below:

So the last part of the Exhibition Hall has lost the Tau vs Mechanicum and Atarus Titans diorama which is a shame as its my favourite but things have to change to keep fresh. It now has Necromunda Ash Waste diorama below. The second change since my last visit is the addition of the Assault on Zybos, detailing Imperial Fist Primaris force attacking a fallen Forge World. Pics follow. I would also be remise to not mention the first Exhibit Hall Age of Sigmar change with a huge Ossiarch Bonereapers citadel, it was amazing and kept me looking all over for the story of offerings of bones which in turn were being knitted into new skeleton warriors, it was great - I totally forgot at that point to take pictures.

Anyway on to 40K, Assault on Zybos

A mighty Warbringer Nemesis Titan may have met its match with the emergence of two Chaos Reaver Titans!

The second exhibit which was new is the aforementioned Necromunda ash wastes diorama, Edgetown, pics follow:

The new Cargo 8 Hauler

The new Orlock ganger Trikes

Hope you enjoyed these new photos. Cheers, Siph.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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