8 Mar 2018

WIP Nurgle Plague Toads

Hi everyone,

Hot on the heels of my Custodes, I making progress with my Plague Toads. These started with a Nurgle Green base, washed with Agrax then Biel-Tann all over to create depth of colour. I then added details to the horn and mouth, eyes and teeth of each one. Each was then given a wash with Nurgle Rot, Typhus Corrosion and then blood for the blood god around the mouth.

 Happy with the progress so far..

To complete the details around the eyes and teeth need a final coat or two of paint, and then the base needs completing and dry brushing.. I am going to try and blend the mud base into the feet- these guys don't care if they get a little mud on them after all!

Cheers LH

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! Also reminds me, I need to get to scrubbing the mold release off of my Plague Toads.


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