11 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Nurgle Greater Daemon - Great Unclean One

Hello Nurglings, Papa Nurgle here, okay it's Siph... Here is my latest addition to the Chaos Daemons force that is slowly building up forces under the radar like a tumorous growth or pus filled boil... I think finishing this GUO even made me have a queasy belly one evening :)
Before you congratulate me on a Golden Daemon (Ha!) worthy paintjob, I admit, it's not all my work. I bought a resin GUO from eBay, fairly priced and less than getting it new from FW, bargain I thought - on arrival in the post it rattled... bad... on opening it was shattered in several places, all horns, tongue, sword and tentacles were shattered, not snapped - shiny glass-like fractures - I think, no, I am certain it is a Chinacast as FW resin is lighter coloured, heavier and does not shatter leaving glass-like fracture surfaces.
I challenged the seller but they say they were not aware, which might be the case so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and as it was a decent paintjob which I could patch repair and a decent price - I stopped being angry and got hobbying! So onward and upward. I rebased on to a 130mm round resin base and covered up the join with sand and PVA. I then started the week long repair process. I rebuilt the tongue a few times, so brittle and had to really roughen the surfaces to bond and used greenstuff to add a tip as that was lost in the post.
Paintwise, I toned down the shine, added a yellow wash for the fatty tissue which really bought the wounds out in technicolour, added Blood for the Blood God for the open wounds which really made them pop (pardon the Nurgle boil pun), added Nurgle's Rot for others and sores, added a Typhus Corrosion slime/filth trail and 'Ardcoated it for a wet look nearer the GUO. I repainted the tongue red and added a sickly yellow eye.
I also added a central horn where there was one missing, using some greenstuff I moulded and scored to look like bone. I then repainted all the horns to match and had darker patches to look aged and worn. Some of the fracture surfaces which could not be repaired were painted like antler. And I repainted the toenails to match.
I had to touch up the extremities where they had rubbed off the paint in the post, frustrating to say the least. The horns alone were in four pieces, the tongue and sword - hmmm... a nightmare, eight pieces in all! Still feels fragile as its an inferior resin (i think) so I am careful when handling. But the majority of the green skin didn't need attention, it was a good decent job.
I was careful not to add flock vegetation or dried grass where the GUO had passed, to show the disease and decay blighting the earth on his passage, and the foul trail of ichor slime left behind.
I repainted the sword, added the metallic tones to it using Necron Compound and Brass Scorpion and redid the strapping with Karak Stone and Agrax wash. The whole model was matt sealed before going back to gloss the wet wounds and slime and add the Blood for the Blood God and Nurgle's Rot.

There you have it, a great rescue job and a decent palette to work from. I will be ordering the new plastic GUO and the paints in accordance with Duncan's WarhammerTV tutorial and attempt my own from scratch - the plastic lacks some of the detail the FW sculpt has but I think I'll do a decent job on this ones brother...

Thanks for popping by. Cheers, Siph. (Only half points (5) for this Character effort - not all my own work)

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