5 Mar 2018

Relictors Corvus Armour and Relic Armoury Mk1b Rhino - Old School Cool

Hi All, thanks for checking out these, its now after Squaduary 2018 where I finished my second squad of RTB01 Tactical Marines, and thought I'd share a picture of my newest reinforcements with last year's efforts too. Now a nice alternative core of troops to use if I require them.
Last year's Squad is shown on the left, the newest Squad is on the right. I'm rather pleased with these, a monkey off my back and another Squad off the to-do pile. Great stuff :)

Currently working on a Jet Bike Captain and some Necrons.

Cheers, Siph.


  1. I love them; great work and wonderful reminder of our 40k origins.

  2. @ Dave M, yes, some of us remember it first time around ;)

  3. Those are just fantastic, man! Nicely done!

  4. @ Mordian7th, cheers mate. I took the idea of the Aquila Chapel as a backdrop from a certain blogger buddie...


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