2 Mar 2018

Adeptus Custodes - Shield Captain - Ixion Hale and next WIP

Hi everyone, next up is my completed Shield Captain, based on the forge world Ixion Hale model.

This model has been painted like the other 10 Adeptus Custodes, with a deep Red to contrast with the Retributor Gold armour. Details are the same with regards gems and weapon colour schemes using Soulstone Blue over Stormhost Silver.
The only difference is the cape colour, which I've opted to go for a deep purple - to add a little regal character to the model rather than the same colours throughout, marking him out as a higher ranking Custodian.
Next up off the vast to-do pile... I've build Captain-General Trajann Voloris, great looking model, just needs colour!
The Lion cloth I've not attached yet, as I feel it'll be easier to complete them separately.
Thanks for looking, Cheers Lord Halfpenny. (10pts for a Character, wicked stuff, Siph)


  1. Good job on the face and nice choice for the regal purple. Great addition.

  2. Think your pictures burnt out a lot of the work on the armour which is a shame. Nicely done all the same.

  3. cheers for the comments.. I think I need to find another camera...


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