27 Feb 2018

Squaduary 2018 - Relictors RTB01 Tactical Squad - Showcase

Hello All, thanks for dropping by and having a look-see, I am glad to report my Squaduary 2018 pledge is complete, based and sealed. I had a blast doing these guys, sometimes a lack of great detail akin to modern plastics is refreshing and helps keep a good pace!
What is it all about - a bunch of hobbyists getting motivated to do long overdue Squads... Rory at Stepping Between Games blog has done a great job corralling us all again this year to pledge to get some paint on our to-do piles. I loved it and the motivation of seeing everyone's efforts really helped me keep fairly focused (HBS aside) - Rory will be posting the final results report Thursday I think - loads of great minis completed or progressed further I hope!
So, here is Squad Cato of the 4th Company Relictors Chapter, hence the green on the banner. Sergeant Cato is a veteran (of the to-do pile!) so earnt Terminator Honours displayed on his banner and the bone colour of his helmet marks him out as a Veteran Sergeant.
I swapped the flamer nozzle for one from a combi-flamer which fitted nicely to the RTB01 sculpt, and added a banner from the Terminator Squad kit atop the Sergeants power pack, topped with a icon also from the Terminators kit. I coloured the gem with Soulstone Blue over Stormhost Silver.
The Flamer Specialist Marine also has some additional Promethium canisters taken from the combi-flamer bits I chopped up. The colours are my usual Dawnstone washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey with 'Ardcoated black Pauldrons and Leadblecher rivets. The Combat Blade handles were Scab Red washed Nuln Oil and highlighted Wild Rider Red and gold was Retributor Gold washed Reikland Fleshshade highlighted Auric Armour Gold.
I was lucky enough to have saved and entire Squad back in the 90's when ditching all my Orks and Marines :( when I put my belongings in storage etc, keeping only Squats (now sold) and these, plus Necromunda and Space Hulk. (So many Orky Looted Vehicles...) This squad has the Missile Launcher and a number of Boltgun accessories, blades and Chainblade attachment. Finally I can now stop saying "I'll paint these guys someday..."
As you can see, I stripped back most of the extra pouches, clips and knives and pistols they all had on every limb my younger self had attached, and where possible kept the lower limb greaves free of additions. The Sergeant has a Mk1 Auspex and the Missile Launcher specialist has some spare ammo on their lower greaves.

That's all for now, I'll post a few pictures together with my first RTB01 Squad from last year's Squaduary and the Mk1b Rhino for an old school cool collection. Thank-you very much fellow Squadu-teers and to Rory for this most excellent event of my hobby calendar - here's to Squaduary 2019... time to hunt for another Beakie squad? Ha Ha

Cheers, Siph. (10 painting points)


  1. I bitterly regret throwing mine away but take joy in yours!

  2. great job! congrats onreaching your goal

  3. They look cracking, great job Siph!

  4. @ Monkeychuka Happy to oblige, you could always pick up some on eBay.
    @ Grenn Dal, Thanks.
    @ Naf Naf, cheers fella.

  5. They show off your relictors' scheme nicely.

  6. They are looking very well. A lovely core to a army.

  7. So amazing to see these original sculpts coming back to life...some great memories for me. You did them justice!

  8. @ Zzzzzz, Thanks, yeah the stark lack of detail helps show off the basics.
    @ Rory, cheers, I know, now two squads and a Mk1b Rhino. But just one of 9 Tactical Squads this army has :)
    @ Dave Mary, yeah its great to have finally got them done - its only been 30yrs...ha ha

  9. Head to Facebook look for The Emporium of Rogue Dreams old school gaming group. I think you'll like what u see. ;)


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